University church increases parking income by 151.6%

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St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church has sold parking passes to students at the University of Colorado for years. The parking business has been lucrative and has helped increase the church’s philanthropic initiatives. However, the operation was taking its toll. Instead of spending time furthering the church’s mission, Rev. Mary Kate Rejouis of St. Aidan’s was spending time handling customers, going outside to check cars, and managing enforcement. Something needed to change.

ParkPoolr, which was founded in the spring of 2019 to help churches and businesses monetize their parking, was the perfect solution to assist St. Aidan’s in its parking business. Starting in July of 2021, Mary Kate designated 25 spaces for ParkPoolr to manage. Not only was ParkPoolr able to take over customer support and lot enforcement, but they were also able to increase parking income by 151.6% at those 25 spaces as opposed to if the church sold its annual pass (see appendix for breakdown). This is because ParkPoolr sells spaces on an hourly basis, not an annual basis. Switching to hourly parking was no cost to the church because ParkPoolr has its parking software and app.  Therefore, no parking machine, parking attendant, or parking gates were required.

Mary Kate Rejouis of St. Aidan’s said, “ParkPoolr has simplified our parking process and let us move into more hourly parking, which has a higher income stream for less staff time. Jackson (founder of ParkPoolr) is easy to work with, responsive, and willing to problem solve.”

ParkPoolr’s parking system allows businesses and organizations to turn lots on and off, block off times, and change the number of spaces available anytime without worrying about enforcement, which is handled by ParkPoolr for free. Therefore, property managers can sell parking when it works for them and save spaces when they need to. 

Whether you are a church that sells parking passes or you are thinking of implementing a parking system for the first time, partnering with ParkPoolr will not only take care of all the operations and headaches of managing a parking business, but we will also add revenue to your bottom line.


Breakdown of the 151.6% increase in parking income (Annual Pass vs Hourly Parking)

Annual Pass:

  • $515 per space per year
  • $12,875 for 25 spaces per year

Hourly ParkPoolr income:

  • $2700 per month, or $108 per month per space
  • $32,400 per year for 25 spaces

(32,400 – 12,875) / 12,875 = 1.516

151.6% increase in parking income

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