Church earns additional $30,000 in parking income in one year

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St Lawrence Catholic Church and Newman Center has sold parking for years to students and visitors of the nearby University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. In the past, the church outsourced its parking operations to a local parking management company. However, it wasn’t always clear how much money the church was making, and the church thought they could earn more.

After talking with ParkPoolr, a modern parking operator built for churches, the church decided to switch companies. ParkPoolr replaced the old pay machine, which sometimes broke down, with signs directing people to pay with a phone. By eliminating the unnecessary hardware, the church instantly saw a decrease in expenses and an increase in net parking revenue. In addition to the signs, ParkPoolr also set up an online dashboard that allowed the church to track, in real-time, the income it was earning. This provided 100% transparency as to how much money the church was making.

Before ParkPoolr, the church earned the following parking income, by year:

FY 22: $34,377.53

FY 21: $28,549.40

FY 20: $32,725.82

FY 19: $30,979.73

After ParkPoolr, the church earned $59,504.38, representing a 2X increase in parking income after expenses.

By replacing the old payment collection system with ParkPoolr’s software and improving the customer support and management of the parking lot, the church was able to earn nearly $30,000 extra in one year. 

Jon Knorr, business manager at the church, summarized it best: “We couldn’t be happier with our decision to switch to Parkpoolr to operate our paid parking lot. Their professionalism, customer service, technology, and industry knowledge resulted in a sizable revenue increase, ultimately helping us advance our ministry.”

If you own a parking lot, reach out to the ParkPoolr team to schedule a demo call.

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