New Mexico church earns $6,000 per month selling parking during COVID-19

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Central United Methodist Church, located across the street from the University of New Mexico, has rented out parking spaces for years.  However, in the past they used a local parking management company to sell parking for them.  It is common for a traditional parking management company to lock a property owner into a long-term contract, force the owner to buy expensive parking machines, and charge various monthly expenses like paper tickets, machine maintenance, labor costs, etc.  The church was also unaware how much parking revenue their parking lot was generating per month, as this wasn’t made transparent to them.

After realizing the potential to earn more parking income and take back control of their parking lot, Executive Pastor Rev. Kelly Brooks and Church Administrator Michelle Humes from Central United Methodist Church met with Jackson Lefebvre, founder of ParkPoolr, to discuss options.  They concluded that switching to ParkPoolr would not only earn the church more income over the long term, but also provide the church with more flexibility, control, and transparency of their parking lot.  This is because Michelle can log in to the ParkPoolr dashboard at any time to see real-time updates, track daily and monthly income, and see all of the active customers’ license plate and contact information.  Also, if a last-minute funeral or other event pops up, Michelle can turn off a section of the lot, take the entire parking lot offline instantly, or block off the time ahead of time.  There is never a worry about not having enough parking for church visitors.

So far during the 2021-22 school season at the University of New Mexico, the church brings in about $5,000-$6,000 per month in passive income, more than the flat lease payment they were making previously.  This is even with many classes being hybrid and fewer students on campus.  Since ParkPoolr operates on a simple revenue share model, incentives are now aligned, and the church can benefit in the upside.

When discussing the partnership between ParkPoolr and Central United Methodist Church, Michelle says, “Working with ParkPoolr has simplified our parking process. We never have to worry about getting paid, dealing with customers, or enforcing our lot.”

Whether you are a church administrator, landlord, or property manager who currently rents out parking spaces or is thinking about entering the parking business, a partnership with ParkPoolr could be a great solution. It’s free to sign up, you can cancel anytime, and you never have to worry about getting paid by customers, handling customer phone calls, advertising listings, or enforcing parking parameters and security, which is handled by ParkPoolr pro bono.  It’s as simple as allowing our team to install a few signs in your parking lot that give directions on how to pay using a phone. The rest is passive income for you.

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