Hope Lutheran Church Partners with ParkPoolr to Streamline Parking Operations and Drive Philanthropic Efforts

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Hope Lutheran Church, located near the University of Maryland, sold parking passes to students as a means of supporting their philanthropic initiatives. However, managing the parking business was becoming time-consuming for Pastor Julie Bringman, diverting her focus from the church’s mission. To address this challenge, Hope Lutheran Church partnered with ParkPoolr, a parking management company specializing in monetizing parking spaces. This collaboration revolutionized the church’s parking system, leading to increased revenue and a renewed emphasis on their core mission.

ParkPoolr and Hope Lutheran Church Collaboration

Starting in Janurary 2023, Hope Lutheran Church entrusted ParkPoolr with managing their parking lot. By utilizing ParkPoolr’s parking software and app, the church transitioned to an hourly parking model, eliminating the need for parking passes and simplifying operations. This collaboration allowed ParkPoolr to optimize parking space utilization, boosting revenue for Hope Lutheran Church.

Streamlined Operations and Increased Revenue:

ParkPoolr started by installing free signage that directed non-church guests to pay to park with their phone. With just signs and software, the church never had to worry about a parking gate breaking down or running out of paper receipts. On top of the mobile payment software, ParkPoolr also handled all customer support 24/7, advertising, and lot enforcement.

Benefits for Hope Lutheran Church:

The partnership with ParkPoolr provided significant advantages for Hope Lutheran Church. Pastor Julie Bringman was relieved of time-consuming administrative tasks, allowing her to focus on the church’s mission and community engagement. Additionally, the transition to hourly parking generated increased revenue for the church, maximizing the value of their parking spaces. Pastor Julie summed it up best: “Hope has been VERY happy with how ParkPoolr is working for us. We don’t have to do anything, and we get paid every month.”


Hope Lutheran Church’s partnership with ParkPoolr exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation in optimizing parking operations for religious institutions. By leveraging ParkPoolr’s expertise and technology, the church successfully streamlined their parking system, resulting in increased revenue and a renewed focus on their core mission.

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