Virginia Church makes $500 per month in passive income

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Virginia church makes $500 per month in passive income

Blacksburg Baptist Church was struggling with controlling their parking lot, which is located across the street from Virginia Tech University. Drivers were illegally parking in the church’s lot for close access to the university. Phyllis, Administrator for Blacksburg Baptist, was busy calling towing companies and fielding calls from students requesting to park in the lot. Time dealing with the parking lot was preventing her from doing her actual job.

Phyllis said, “Being in a college town, Blacksburg Baptist was tired of providing a free parking lot for students. I talked with Jackson (founder of ParkPoolr) several times, then took the information to the parking and property teams. When we decided to move ahead, Jackson had signs up and folks were paying to park before I knew it!” 

Since there are no set up fees and the church can cancel at any time, ParkPoolr came through with an easy, low-risk parking solution for the church. Plus, ParkPoolr manages enforcement pro bono, so churches like Blacksburg Baptist experience better control of their parking.

So far, Blacksburg Baptist is averaging about $500 per month, while also having control and transparency over who is parking in their lot. When asked about ParkPoolr, Phyllis said, “I can’t believe I don’t have to do anything, and money just comes in.”

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